Here is a compatible issue of IE on ExtJs projects that I’ve found during work.

Lately I just released an update version of the project and here came the issue: A button didn’t work on IE browser. When user clicked the button, it was expected to open a new window, however, it did not happen. An error was threw by IE. The issue was “Ajax request problem: error 80020101”. I didn’t know what that was, so I googled it, which gave me answer on

All the error 80020101 means is that there was an error, of some sort, while evaluating JavaScript. If you load that JavaScript via Ajax, the evaluation process is particularly strict.

I did use Ajax when clicking the button, so I just deleted all the Ajax Requests, but still not work. Then I realized that although I did call the Ajax Request, the function of the button was first to create a new window, then load the content using the elements from the result of the Ajax Request. So if it were the Ajax’s fault, I should have a window that had nothing on it. But I even did not have the window.

So probably it was not/not only the Ajax. So I followed the traceback of IE, which pointed out where it all went wrong. It was this sentence: “params.return.push(blahblahblah)”. params was an Object that sent through the Ajax Request as Param, and return was a hashMap. If this was wrong, that means the “get()” method of the Object is not supported in IE. So I tried to change it to params["return"].push(blahblah) and it worked.

Stupid IE :(

ExtJs version: 4.1

IE version: 7,8,9,10,11 has been found to have such issue, 12 and above has not been tested.